Philips Medical Systems Fetal Monitors
Avalon FM20 Antepartum Monitor
Avalon FM20 Antepartum offers fetal and maternal monitoring for
obstetrical departments in offices, clinics, and hospitals. It integrates
monitoring of maternal blood pressure and pulse rate with
measurement of multiple fetal heart rates and uterine activity.
Efficiently designed, it is compact and easy to use and has power
and performance features, including high-quality ultrasound.
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Avalon FM20 with Remote Event
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Avalon FM30 Intrapartum Monitor
Avalon FM30 covers patients from the onset of contractions through
final stages of delivery with its full set of external and internal fetal
parameters, such as ultrasound and direct fetal heart rate, Toco,
and intrauterine pressure. It provides monitoring of maternal blood
pressure, heart rate and the maternal ECG wave.
The FM30 includes all the new high performance functionality of the
FM20, plus maternal pulse oximetry.
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Avalon FM30
Avalon FM30 with Remote Event
Avalon FM30 with Remote Event and
Maternal NIBP
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